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Jul 29, 2014

Just wait until those people that romanticize mental illnesses date someone or meet someone who has one and they go “Omg you’re not the way tumblr described you at all!” 

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why the fuck has it become cool and original to have a mental illness


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Jul 29, 2014

His name is German (Pronounced Her-man) And I still see him whenever I go to see my dad at his association.

And I can’t help but get chills whenever I see him. 

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I bought my friend an elephant for their room.

They said “Thank you.”

I said “Don’t mention it.”

Is there a joke here that 15 thousand people get but I don’t?

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Also like this isn’t a funny story or anything so feel free to skip it or something .

My parents have one of those associations like AA that help people with their problems, their association was / is focused on ALL the problems like they handle child molesters and alcoholics and ex prostitutes and all that stuff.

So as you may guess having something like that is super time consuming so they weren’t around that much while i was growing up.

And you know who took care of me?
their patients.

My math tutor was a junkie who used to snap and yell a lot.

My dentist was/is an alcoholic whose hands were always shaking (The man is damn good at his job btw) 

Like if you think “Well its not that bad” let me tell you that I used to to a lot of karate growing up, I went to a school and I also took private classes.
My private karate teacher was one of their patients.
My private karate teacher was a registered sex offender.
My private karate teacher was a man who was know for molesting kids.

My parents left me alone, me, a 5 year old,  to practice karate, with a man that was known for molesting little kids, alone, in a private place. For 5 fucking years.

Know I’m not saying that was a bad call on their side but really that was a bad fucking call on their side what the fuck. 

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I don’t mean to say that its cool or ok to smoke or anything but the truth is like in a way I use it to escape social gatherings.
Like if I’m going out with people who tend to annoy me (Like family and shit) They will always pick the non smoking area. So whenever I get stressed or I just straight up wanna leave that place I just say “I’m gonna go have a smoke” Sure they’ll judge me for like 5 minutes but then I’ll be outside enjoying the air and my cig and nothing can hurt me. 

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if yr trying to date me ever


-u gotta be trying to heal

-u gotta know how to be gentle

-u gotta be down to have the hard talks 

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Anonymous said: PURPLE

Purple: 10 facts about my room.

I live in the living room.
Like, thats not a joke thats a fact, I sleep here because when my grandma got sick I told her she could move into my room.

Sometimes I regret that decision but its nice to see her get all the sunlight and sleep well and stuff.

I Have a desk which I never use.

I sleep on a sofa-bed (or whatever thats called)

Theres two other sofas here

I have no door which makes masturbating difficult

I’m closer to the kitchen which is nice

My mom has her mask collection the walls here which used to creep me a lot but not anymore

Its always super hot here because theres two huge windows

I kinda wanna sleep on a normal bed again. 

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Anonymous said: say something romantic in spanish

Botellita de vinagre.
Vas y chingas a tu madre. 

Acción Poética Ricardo Corrales.

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This girl just liked like… 50 of my photos on instagram in under 10 minutes.

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clubs arent worth a fake id boooo

Nah tbh it depends on which club you go, like, theres a lot of clubs i hate and very few I love, it depends on the people that go there, the music, and the alcohol prices.
Some of them the most “Exclusive” ones ask for a lot of shit for you to enter, and one beer. ONE FUCKING BEER costs like 80 pesos.
So yeah fuck those clubs.